Expansion of Florida launches processing facilities – A new proposal made by SpaceX


SpaceX gave a hint that in coming years its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets will play the significant role for them, though in these years they will be developing vehicles, which are more powerful. Also, they are planning to augment their footprints at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

A recently released draft ‘environmental assessment by NASA’ tells about a proposal made by SpaceX. There it is discussed that SpaceX is looking forward to developing facilities like a booster processing hangar.

It is expected that this facility is going to support a higher launch rate for Falcon rockets which will also include processing of landed booster stages.

It is entirely necessary to implement this action that will help in increasing the effectiveness of operations of space flight. Facilities like support in planning, enabling the reuse of space vehicles and more will be provided to make its operations efficient, stated by environmental assessment by NASA.

This proposal