Rotary Tray Sealers Market is Anticipated To Register A Significant CAGR Over A Forecast Period

Global rotary tray sealers market: Introduction

The global packaging industry is changing rapidly, which is driven by demands from suppliers and consumers. It has been observed, that an excellent product presentation increases appeal of the product. Rotary tray sealers are machines, used for sealing filled trays. Here, filled trays are placed on turntable of rotary tray sealers, which rotate beneath vacuum chamber assembly and heat seal head. Rotary tray sealers find packaging applications in different industries and products such as, the food and beverage industry, cosmetics industry, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In addition, rotary tray sealers manufacturers are focused on technology integration, which means it comes with inbuilt printers, coders, depositors. This is expected to increase competition and further drive the global rotary tray sealers market. For instance, rotary tray sealers are useful in ready meal and fresh food packaging. Rotary tray sealers help in faster sealing of trays, with sealing speed up to 20-26 trays per minute. To cope with increasing demand for convenience and aesthetic packaging, manufacturers across the world emphasize on adopting automated production technology. Rotary tray sealers provide an ideal choice to increase production output, and therefore, the global rotary tray sealers market is anticipated to enjoy high preference among manufacturers across the globe.

Global rotary tray sealers: Market Dynamics

Since their inception, rotary sealers applications have been primarily used for sealing purposes. Nowadays, rotary tray sealers are equipped with full production line, has in-feed conveyor, automatic transfer, depositors, and fillers. There are certain factors, which are expected to fuel growth of the global rotary tray sealers market. One such factor is that it provides customizability in specifications of rotary tray sealers. In today’s market, packaging manufacturers have various needs to suit their manufacturing operations. Availability of rotary tray sealers in different sealing and speeds enables manufacturers to decide which is most suitable for their manufacturing units. In addition, a growing number of manufactures opting for automation in emerging economies is expected to drive growth of the global rotary tray sealers market. Rotary tray sealers increase production volume per unit time, which makes them an asset to manufacturers to meet the growing demand for packaged products. Despite the positive outlook, high power consumption and fluctuating energy rates, are two of the major factors that might hamper growth of the global rotary tray sealers market.

The North America and Western Europe regions are expected to dominate the global rotary tray sealers market throughout the forecast period due to continuously growing demand of packaged food in the region, owing to a largely automated industry. Japan and Eastern Europe regions are anticipated to closely follow North America and Western Europe. This can be attributed to high penetration of automation in industries in these regions. However, the APEJ region consists of emerging countries such as China and India are expected to register high growth and would drive the global rotary tray sealers market over the forecast period, as packaged food industries are growing in these regions.

Global rotary tray sealers: Market Key Players

Few of the key players operating in the global Rotary Tray Sealers market are – David Henderson Food Machinery, ORICS, Total Packaging Systems Ltd, Vortech Food Machinery, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, Propakkoreaco Ltd., Pack Line.

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