Pallet Labeler Market is Expected To Boom Due To The Number Of Research Undertaking

Global pallet labeler market: Introduction

Pallets are mostly used in warehouses and manufacturing units, for the purpose of storage. Appropriate and accurate pallet labelling is the key to recognizing products conveniently. The task of labelling on the pallets is carried out using a pallet labeler. Pallet labelers eliminate the need to hand apply labels, unlike the conventional approach, in which, forklift operators were required to perform the entire process manually. The continuous move in & out of forklift consumes lots of time. Pallet labeler overcomes this problem to some extent. Pallet labeler is available in a variety of lengths to cover the conveyer and apply the label on to the pallets. Pallet labelers can be integrated with label printing technology that contains both human readable text and symbols that can be scanned, which includes the serial shipping container code (SSCC). Pallet labeler indirectly helps in shipping of products placed on pallets. In automated production lines and manufacturing industries, pallet labeler is installed immediately after location, where pallet is stretch wrapped. It facilitates workers to use pallet labeler instantly which overcomes product misunderstanding and helps conflict free delivery of the palletized products. Therefore, the global pallet labelers market is expected to expand at a healthy CAGR over the forecast period.

Global pallet labeler market: Dynamics

Pallet labelers are designed and built with palletizing and stretch wrapping atmosphere in mind. Rapid growth in industrialization and manufacturing sector leads to increasing demand for pallets in manufacturing and storing units which in turn drive the global pallet labeler market over the forecast period. In addition, pallet labeler reduces the amount of task carried out by forklift operator. Manufacturers & warehouse owners would employee pallet labeler to increase throughput efficiency. Pallet labeler can be customized as per the need of customers. Pallet labeler is available in various sizes and according to the size of labels used. For a pallet labeler to be effective, three key elements for a compliant label are size, content, and application. Sometimes if the pallet labeler is not working properly, it creates problems such as applying label at incorrect place, apply it at only one side, or incorrect product labels applied to pallet might lead to switching of manufacturers to traditional way of applying labels on the pallets. It might hamper growth of the global pallet labeler market during the forecast period.

The APEJ region is expected to present lucrative opportunities for growth of the global pallet labeler market, over the forecast period. Automated approach to production has high penetration in regions such as North America, Western Europe, and Japan. As awareness regarding the benefits of automation increases among manufacturers in the APEJ region, a rise in demand for products such as pallet labeler, is expected, which will witness healthy growth, over the forecast period.

Global pallet labeler market: Key Players

Few of the players operating in the global pallet labeler market are – FOX IV Technologies, Loveshaw, Advanced Labeling Technologies, Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, Automatic Identification Systems LTD, Weber Packaging Solutions, Inc, ALTech UK Labelling Technologies Ltd., and Domino Printing Sciences plc, among others.

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